Chairman's Message

Adv. B. V. Nerlekar


Dear All - Share holders, depositors and customers,

At the outset, I am feeling immense pleasure & pride in launching our bank’s website on the auspicious day of our bank’s 87th anniversary. I.e. on 6th June, 2016. At present, our bank has completed successful track of 87th glorious years.

The Bank since its establishment in 1929 has been committed to helping the Co-operative sector next its economic aspirations. As, the Co-operative sector has been playing distinct and significant role in the process of socio-economic development of the country, Our Bank is committed to maintain the highest standards of excellence in financial services based on sustainable growth and development providing timely, quick and best banking services to its members, depositors & customers etc. from all segments with the help of modern technology and dedicated human resource. We also aim at adopting best responsibility towards all the stake holders. We see ourselves as a family of honest, loyal and committed professionals, employing technology, innovations and human touch to achieve the customer’s satisfaction & the prosperity of our customers is the ultimate aim to our success.

Our Bank is fully enabled on Core Banking Solutions across all our branches. We are already on the ANY BRANCH BANKING transaction system. We are thankful to one and all who are connected directly or indirectly with our Bank.

In nutshell, I am pleasure to say that our bank has resolved an unwritten rule in the financial year 1929, that no one of the bank director do not take any kind of loan & do not remain as guarantor to any type of loan. This moral code of regulating is being still observed by all directors.

I take this opportunity to thanks all the shareholders, depositors & customers who reposed the faith & confidence, imparted positive response towards us and in supporting us to achieve greater heights in our performance. Therefore, I express my sincere gratitude on behalf of The Laxmi Co-Operative Bank Ltd, the members of board and on my own behalf towards all shareholders, depositors, customers & well wishers and further all the concerned agencies for their significant contributions in the development of the bank.

- Adv. Bhaskar. V. Nerlekar